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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2007|09:39 pm]
Dear friends,

Life is good. Watch Chuck!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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I’m not a carjacker; I’m the devil! [Sep. 26th, 2007|12:02 am]
Reaper! Best new show so far! So hilarious. You can watch a rerun of it Thursday at 9 if you missed it on the CW. Trust me, it's worth it.

It starts perfectly, with Beck's Devil's Haircut. It is, so far, the best new show of the fall TV season. It is actually very similar to my next favorite show, Chuck, but it is much better. Every scene played for laughs gets tons, and every scene played for scares gets tons as well. And there are plenty of scenes that get both.

My dad doesn't want to watch the show because he feels that the devil should not get played for laughs. I am hoping to get him to watch the pilot because the devil is portrayed exactly as he should be, in my mind (admittedly, I am not as educated a Christian as my boyfriend or my Dad). He is played by Ray Wise (Laura Palmer's dad), is extremely charming but also is very terrifying. The most important thing is that he is not portrayed as some sort of hero, which is he definitely not. He is definitely an evil being. I will encourage my dad to watch the pilot.

So to summarize, watch the Reaper. They are replaying it Thursday at 9. The regular time is Tuesday at 9, although, you should watch the CW Thursday at 9 all the time to catch Supernatural. Trust me, it is better than anything else on in that timeslot. Yes, I know that is the most competitive timeslot. I still mean it.

If you don't believe me, how about this: Missy Peregrym left Heroes to be the only girl castmember on Repear. And I love Heroes! Give it a shot; I promise you'll love it. I think for my friends, I can make a money-back guarantee. I'm not kidding; 10 years of education can't be worth nothing! Watch Reaper!
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2007|12:36 am]
OK so stuff is happening in my life again. Just when I think I'm going to live with my parents forever, things change drastically. I got a job at Raytheon, my dream company for like 5 years. I start October 8, so I'm enjoying my last few weeks of freedom. It's weird how I was on vacation for 4 months but I felt as stressed as I would be with a job, but now that I have a job, I'm scared about actually working. Can I ever relax? I also got an apartment in Somerville. It's really cool, in a nice building in a nice neighborhood. My mom is really scared but she'll come around, especially once she sees how I'm not living above scary people that bust into my apartment asking for beer. Anyway I'm sure I'll have a housewarming party at some point so stay alert people.
Also 30 Rock won the Emmy for best comedy. The whole first season can be streamed for FREE on NBC.com.
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2007|11:33 pm]
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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2007|09:15 pm]
Yay I'm a Harvard graduate!
I made it! Now leave me alone
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2007|01:36 pm]
I think I only have 1 week left of graduate school. 3 out of my 5 classes are completely done, with very mixed results.
- My TV presentation for my modeling class was last week, and it went really well, so well in fact that anything else that happens has to be a disappointment. One of the TAs met up with me after and said it was "dynamite" and I should sell my model to NBC. It was silly, but very nice of him.
- My climate dynamics project was such a pain in the ass to get all the data in order so the TA took pity on me and gave me a program that did my project for me. So I think I'm OK with that class.
- My geodesy class was kind of a disaster. There's only 2 of us in the class, the other kid that is in it with me is 1) a super genius and 2) only taking 2 classes, both of which I am in in addition to my other 3, and the whole grade is only 3 problem sets, and I didn't do so hot on the first 2 and I couldn't get the last problem on the last problem set to work out, so if I come up short, this will probably be the class to do it. I'm worried about it, but at this point there's nothing I can really do except wait to see.

So I have 2 things left, the independent project I have been completely slacking on, and a final for my differential equations class. For some reason, I'm not really worried about either, but I should be. I am just hoping that I can write an OK final paper and pull out a B for my project, and learn the last 3rd of my differential equations in 2 days, do well enough on the test (because I think that most people in the class are at about the same level of understanding I am), then run out of here with a degree, and never look back. Here's hoping.

The other big events this week are the TV upfronts. Some great news (Friday Night Lights and Supernatural coming back) and some awful (Jericho getting canceled). The worst news is that Veronica Mars officially got canned this morning. So I think this means that there will be no real series finale because the network wanted to keep all the fans waiting until the last possible minute to find out if it was coming back. After these past few months of up and down, rumors and denial, at least we finally know. But what an awful way to kill it. I mean, pretty much no one watched it at all, but the fans it had were very loyal (I even took a day off from work and drove to Cambridge to go see their mall tour a few years ago! MALL TOUR!), and we deserve to see some kind of real ending. It just really angers me because this CW network really has nothing to offer at all in terms of success, so why not give fans a chance to get some closure?
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2007|01:26 pm]
So today is a landmark day. I was able to school a Harvard professor, a really mean one too. It was over the only thing in the world I probably could school a Harvard professor over, television.

I was presenting my idea for modeling the best television lineup for maximum ratings and he told me that the only motivation for moving a show in a lineup is whether it is similar to the one before/after it. I promptly shut this intellectual down, by pointing out the gone-but-not-forgotten Invasion and The Nine, both following Lost, both canceled within a year. Then I brought up House, a show that would not be a hit if American Idol did not exist but is different in every way from American Idol. He was immediately stupefied and humbled. Can you blame him really? He is no match for my superior television intellect.
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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2007|07:46 pm]
I know I'm annoying in how much I love tv, but I just can't help it. I think everyone should watch 30 Rock, and now that it's been renewed for a second season, you can! I just read this article from my favorite magazine, Entertainment Weekly and thought about how badly I wanted everyone to watch arrested development and how nobody did and now it's off the air. Whenever someone says to me now that they love watching the Arrested Development DVDs but they never saw it when it was on the air, I just get mad at them and say "it's your fault that I can't watch it now, because you should have watched it when I asked you to!! Yes I know you "have lives" and stuff, but trust me, lives are overrated, tv is great. So watch 30 Rock, because you'll be happy about it, and while you're at it, watch my other favorite show Friday Night Lights because nobody watches that either.
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2007|11:49 am]
Spring break, Woo!! I think they time the week off just right so that everyone is just about ready to crack the day spring break starts. I know that I lived so poorly this week that during class on Thursday, my nose was just constantly running even though I didn't have a cold. I have no idea why, but it was pretty gross and embarrassing to just have it dripping down my face the whole time. But I think I've been able to catch up on my sleep so it shouldn't happen anymore. Also hopefully my team members will stop bursting into tears out of sheer stress in the middle of a group meeting.

I don't want to speak too soon, I think things are finally coming around for me! Last semester, I was looking to Bill Gates as an inspiration: "He dropped out of Harvard, and he's doing all right for himself, I'll be just fine if I drop out!" Now he's an inspiration once again: "I've got to make it to commencement because Bill Gates is the guest speaker!"
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Happy Birthday Buffy [Mar. 9th, 2007|06:02 pm]
This article is a nice little tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which apparently is now 10 years old. That's pretty depressing to think about, a show I watched religiously in high school is now so old! I remember sitting on my couch, holding hands with my first "real" boyfriend and watching Buffy. That was 10 years ago?! And I'm still in school. Something doesn't seem right about this.
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